Once a month, Davies Smith partners Ian Smith and Graham Chalmers will be checking in with monthly blog posts to discuss our current and future projects and to share their thoughts and insights on a variety of subjects in construction management and the real estate market. For his first post, Ian discusses the core values that distinguishes Davies Smith from other companies in the industry.

We like to be different at Davies Smith. Rather than repeating cookie cutter replicas of what we’ve done in the past, we look at each project as an opportunity to do something different and in a way that uniquely complements the neighbourhoods we build in.

We’re not afraid of risk and innovation and we’re always looking for new opportunities for growth and development with our projects. Our Eleven Superior project in Mimico is a prime example of this. We’ve identified Mimico as an emerging market area and a key part of Ontario’s development. By choosing Mimico as the site location for Eleven Superior, we aim to drive economic and residential growth and development in the area.

At our Ironstone building in Burlington, we’re leading the way in environmental sustainability with the use of geothermal heating and cooling. Although geothermal is not a new technology and has been used before for smaller scale projects, our decision to use it for a large scale residential project makes Ironstone the first of its kind in Canada.

And our Hearthstone by the Bay residence is a concept that’s different from anything we’ve ever done before. As an independent retirement residence, Hearthstone provides an opportunity for seniors to own their own condominium unit and at the same time, receive retirement and care services that are exclusively designed to cater to their needs. It’s a unique concept that is not widely available on the market at the moment and we’re extremely proud of it.

At the end of the day, we want our work to exemplify quality.  The quality of the work we put through is of paramount importance to us and we derive genuine pleasure from doing our work.  Rather than focusing on the final profit, we’re more concerned with completing high quality projects that last and that people can be proud of.  That’s what matters the most to us at the end of the day.


Initially trained as a Quantity Surveyor in England, Ian Smith crossed borders to provide his expertise to established companies such as George Wimpey Canada Limited and Bramalea Limited before founding Davies Smith Developments.