Okay. It’s time to finally let the cat out of the bag. The year I designed the room in the photo below was in 2006!

Few were so close to guessing the year though. But we even had 1975 – Why? Because, a lot of these furnishings were introduced and used in the 60 – 70’s. And that’s okay – you can walk into a well designed 1975 inspired home and still feel that the furnishing are current.

What has changed is the improvement of finishes. We are now more environmentally friendly. Fabrics, interior floors and wall coverings have improved to be manufactured in an environmentally conscious way. The fixtures have also improved with water saving designs in mind.

If I had shown you the washroom in that same suite, you might have guessed that it’s from the 2000’s due to the vessel (bowl) sink and the mosaic tiles that are still popular today.

The vessel sink  has been overdone a little though – it has been mass produced to be available in the big builder box stores.

I’m using different shaped top mounted ceramic sinks a lot more these days.

A great local source for sinks is Cantrio Koncepts.

And mosaics have changed too. The variations are now endless. There are pebbles, sticks and multi textured rectangular mosaics for example. Far from what we were introduced to 10 years ago.

Cercan Tile is a great source for the latest mosaic tiles.

In my opinion, the big tickets items need to stand the test of time. Unless of course, you have unlimited budget and you enjoy the change.

Happy shopping!

Marlene Card is a Registered Interior Designer with IDC (Interior Designers of Canada) working with fashion forward interiors since 1990, specializing in multi- family residential interiors in Toronto and surrounding areas for the past 12 years