On April 30th, 2013, the three-year construction contracts concluded. Subsequently, the International Union of Elevators Contractors along with members of the carpenters union went on strike.

Members of the Carpenters Union have since commenced work. However, the International Union of Elevators Constructors strike continues. We have also been monitoring Local Union Members of Marble, Tile and Terrazzo who walked off the job site this week. We are confident that they will return shortly.

We have increased the amount of labourers on site to expedite completion of the drywalling of the suites and we are also continuing to work on the instsallation and fabrication of the kitchens.

The brickwork is also complete and all the windows are installed in the main podium structure of the building except for a few suites at the ends of either wing. Those windows are expected to be completed soon.

We recognize the impact that the strikes have had on our purchasers and please be assured that we will continue to work towards the completion of Ironstone regardless of what trade unions have a work stoppage.