With several condominiums and businesses constantly being developed and added to the landscape, it’s no surprise that Mississauga is one of Canada’s fastest growing and largest cities. Last year, MoneySense ranked Mississauga as one of Canada’s best places to live, and we couldn’t agree more – which is why Mississauga is home to several of our projects: Solstice Condominiums, ONYX Condominiums & Lofts, and the CityGate Condominiums.

CityGate Condominiums, 2004

In the early 2000s, Davies-Smith saw potential for growth and prosperity in the area and became one of the first developers to make their footprint in Mississauga with CityGate Condominiums. Before that, much of north Mississauga was simply farmland and very few high-rises graced the skyline. Initially developed as a suburb of Toronto, Mississauga had very little to offer and was considered a drive-by spot to and from the big City. A fairly new city, very few had visions of Mississauga growing as rapidly as it did.

Solstice Condominiums, 2008

 ONYX Condominiums & Lofts, 2009

Since the CityGate Condos, we went on to develop two more condominiums, Solstice and more recently, ONYX. Mississauga is becoming more and more attractive to young professionals who want to enjoy Toronto-style living away from the major city. With great amenities like Square One Shopping Centre, Celebration Square, and Toronto Pearson International Airport, Mississauga has become the place to live. Mississauga is a magnet for businesses and Fortune 500 companies, of the 54,000 plus businesses within its limits, 61 are Fortune 500 companies. Several major corporate headquarters for Canada, such as Walmart Canada,Target Canada, Microsoft and General Electric are also based in Mississauga.

No longer just a suburb of Toronto, Mississauga is en route to being one of Canada’s top metropolis, and we’re happy to say that we knew it all along.