Mimico used to be one of Toronto’s  best kept secrets, but now more and more Torontonians are slowly beginning to  take notice of this beautiful lakefront community. Mimico was recently named the  9th best place in Toronto and then last Friday, the CBC Metro Morning show rolled into the neighbourhood to feature the community in its Four Corners Series hosted by Matt Galloway.

At the crack of dawn, Galloway set up camp in the Mimico Centennial Library and interviewed several residents from the area including Susan Nagy, the executive director of Lakeshore Arts, Claudia Montoya, an immigration settlement worker and Neil Mainville, a volunteer coach and convener with the Queensway Canadiens. If you didn’t catch the show, you can listen to it here.

All in all, everyone that Matt spoke to all agreed on one thing, Mimico is a wonderful place to live! We agree, and our Eleven Superior residents will soon find that out too.

We’re also glad to see that Matt loved the coffee from our favourite coffee shop, the Birds and Beans Cafe.