Nimman Thai Cuisine is a fairly new addition to the Lakeshore community, having opened just a few months ago in July 2013. We popped by for lunch a few weeks ago and we immediately felt right at home!

We were curious about the origins behind the name ‘Nimman’ and we were told that it comes from the Thai word ‘valanimman’ with vala meaning perfection and nimman meaning creation, thus creating perfection.

If you thought the name was cool, then you’ll be blown away by this extra tidbit of information: Chef (and co-owner) Rujipong is a descendant of the family that served the Kingdom of Thailand. That’s right, a chef fit for royalty will be serving you lunch!

Like many other businesses owners that have recently opened up shop in the area, Mimico stood out to Rujipong because of its convenient location (minutes away from the heart of the city), the beautiful view of the lake, and the welcoming neighbours. He also liked the mixture of residential and commercial businesses in the area so him and his business partner Chaowana, decided to open the doors of their new restaurant in the area.

Everyone is like family and once you become a regular at Nimman, you’ll find yourself recognizing the other patrons and making new friends – we sure did! The close-knit catmoshphere in Mimico resonates well with the business owners, something they didn’t feel when working at high-traffic restaurants in the downtown core.They are also thrilled at the prospect of more friendly faces coming in to Nimman, especially with Eleven Superior well under construction down the road.

We suggest checking Nimman out for lunch whenever you get the chance.  Our suggestions include the Calamari, Nimman Platter, and the Pad Thai Hor Kai.