In our last Hearthstone post, you met the lovely couple Karen and Donald Lambie, who have been happily living together at Hearthstone since 2011.Today, we’d like you to meet another couple, Fred and  Gael Martin.

Originally from Hamilton, high school sweethearts Fred and Gael Martin relocated to the Kingsway Etobicoke area due to Fred’s job in the dinnerware and tableware industry. Due to a health scare and long term impact on Fred and Gael’s lifestyle, the Martins decided to research retirement options.

While researching, they did a trial stay in one community but the homecare support was inadequate and did not fulfill their needs. They also value home ownership and maintaining financial equity, so they didn’t like the idea of renting. They eventually found Hearthstone by the Bay via word of mouth and three months later, they sold their home and moved in.

Their health care needs brought the Martins to Hearthstone, but the community has made them stay. “The residents and staff at Hearthstone are fabulous. The staff are easy going and the residents are energetic, vibrant, interesting people. We also love the community feel here at Hearthstone. It’s inclusive and very family oriented. We’re really happy that we made the decision to move here,” says Gael.

The Martins spend their summers in Muskoka and their winters at Hearthstone. During the winter, they keep themselves busy by attending the movie nights and coffee socials and by participating in the bridge and exercise programs. Fred is also part of the men’s club and Gael volunteers for various events at Hearthstone.

Gael also likes to travel and she is comfortable knowing that she can leave Fred at Hearthstone because he will receive all the care and support he needs, when he needs it.

The Martins highly encourage people to take the time to downsize. “It does seem daunting but Hearthstone can help you with the process of moving so that you are not doing it alone,” says Fred. “There is zero maintenance at Hearthstone. Hurry up and get here!”

For more information about retirement living at Hearthstone by the Bay in Etobicoke, please call Cindy at 416.259.4466 or visit today!