An early morning dip in the resistance pool, followed by a mid-day massage or a game of Nintendo wii topped off with an evening pint in the pub with friends.  Sounds like a typical day at a luxury spa resort doesn’t it? Well actually, that’s what a regular day is like for residents at the Hearthstone by the Bay retirement community.

Located on Toronto’s waterfront along the Humber Bay shores, Hearthstone offers an innovative and different approach to retirement. Until recently, the only option available for senior citizens in need of care and assistance was to move into a rental retirement home. But that’s all changed with the shifting needs and demands of the baby boomers as they grow older. They are more active than ever and they are looking for a community that fits their lifestyle. They want choices and they want independent living.

That’s where Hearthstone by the Bay comes in. Hearthstone offers a very unique package that includes condo ownership, a resort lifestyle, and readily available health and wellness services. It’s definitely not your average retirement home. Hearthstone puts residents and their families firmly in the driver’s seat by offering an independent style of living and an array of choices and services that today’s savvy and active seniors are looking for.

At Hearthstone, residents own their home while being surrounded by five star amenities and services. Residents can pamper themselves with spa services, indulge at the private dining room, take a yoga class, work out in the gym or resistance pool and participate in activities such as organized trips, theatre and shopping.  Residents also have the option of preparing their own meals in their condo suites, or can order room service, or go down to the dining room.

Their condo purchase also provides them with security too as Hearthstone offers many home care options to address the changing health care needs of residents.  An on-site nursing staff and a physician’s office are available to cater to the varying health care needs of the homeowners. This ensures that residents always receive the support they need when they need it.

Ultimately, Hearthstone not only enhances quality of life but also creates an investment for the future. Because residents own their condominium, costs are easier to control. Ownership gives residents a sense of security, it makes long term budgeting easy, and it protects a portion of the equity that they’ve built through the course of their life. Plus, residents enjoy all the benefits of maintenance-free home ownership along with a comprehensive range of convenient and supportive services that are available year round, 24 hours a day. Owning your home has always made good economic sense, and it still does in retirement.

For more information about retirement living at Hearthstone by the Bay in Etobicoke, please call Sarah or Cindy at 416.259.4466 or visit today!