Canada’s latest census reveals that the country now has a higher proportion of seniors than ever before. The population of seniors has grown to nearly five million over the past five years, growing 14.1 per cent since the last official count, says Statistics Canada.

As Canada’s population gets older, it’s becoming increasingly important for them to live a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle. While exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet are important, something that is often overlooked as senior’s age is the need for them to maintain social networks and have an active social life.

Research has indicated that an active social life is important in helping seniors maintain a sharp mind, remain connected to the world around them, increase feelings of happiness, and develop a sense of belonging. A study conducted by The American Journal of Public Health for example, demonstrated that seniors aged 50 to 60 who were socially active had slower rates of declining memory.

Retirement homes are becoming more aware of the need for seniors to have active social lives and they are placing more emphasis on programs that encourage interaction between its residents. One such example is Hearthstone by the Bay.

Hearthstone places a great deal of importance on social connectedness, and homeowners are encouraged to participate in a range of social activities. On-site fitness and aquatics classes, line and ball room dancing, educational seminars and Wii gaming are just a few of the activities available.

Homeowners can also catch the latest flick at Hearthstone’s movie theatre or head down to the Humber Arms pub (also on-site) for a pint with friends or to mix and mingle at one of the frequent pub nights.

Because of Hearthstone’s proximity to downtown Toronto, homeowners can also regularly attend the symphony and theatres or go on shopping trips. Weekly shuttle trips include excursions to the ROM, the Shaw festival or even Cloverdale Mall just to name a few. There is also a Recreation Coordinator at Hearthstone to make sure that  homeowners are always entertained.

Whatever they decide to do, you can bet that there’s never a dull moment at Hearthstone by the Bay.

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