Welcome to Ironstone!

We know moving is a big step and comes with many new changes. For some it may just be a matter of moving around the block, but for others it could mean moving to a new area which could take some getting used to.

We came up with a quick guide to the basic amenities in and around your new neighbourhood.


You may not have time to brew your own cup of coffee because of unpacking and getting yourself in order. Well the good news is that Starbucks and Coffee Culture are literally steps away from your front door.


If you’ve moved far from your previous home, you might need to find a dentist and doctor that’s close by. Luckily, there are a few close to your new home.

Although we hope you never have to visit the doctor for anything serious, flu and cold season is fast approaching. Knowing that the walk-in is only a few steps away from home should put your mind at ease.

Unpacking that allergy medicine may not be the first thing on your to-do list, so knowing where you can pick up some Claritin is quite convenient.


There are plenty of great public schools in the area, with a handful of them being very close to Ironstone. There are also a few high schools that aren’t too far from your condo.


Faced with all those boxes to unpack, cooking may be the last thing on your mind. No need to worry – there are many great restaurants in the area.


Here are some grocery options in the area for when you’re finally ready to cook your first meal in your new kitchen.

Oh, and there’s also the Burlington Public Library branch down the street.

We hope we didn’t miss anything but feel free to comment below to let us know!