Your condo is almost ready and what have you done to prepare for your move?

I know it’s frustrating not seeing your new home until it’s all done, but there are some little tips to help you prepare for your move in date.


Make room

It is time to look around your existing home to see what is going into your condo and what looks tired and needs to go. I mean, be really critical. Have you had those dried sticks and flowers or greenery around for more than a year, or tired looking plants you are trying to revive? Update your stereo and speaker components – think quality and compact. If you haven’t worn some clothing or shoes in a year, then maybe it’s time to stop storing them. The same goes for dishes and pots and pans, or those small appliances you may never pull out. Do you really need to store twenty wine glasses? I just had a yard sale with my kids for fun and you wouldn’t believe the stuff you accumulate that really is just meaningless junk. It  feels so nice to make good use of space instead of storing items you never use.

Update your furnishings

Condos can appear smaller in person when you purchased from a floor plan. When you first walk in and look at those four walls, it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how are you going to fit all your furniture. Try to go for simplicity and take advantage of every unique space for storage. Make sure you don’t buy bulky furniture. Upholstery does not have to be overstuffed to be ergonomically comfortable. I enjoy Casa Life furnishings in Toronto. On the high end, Palazzetti and then on the lower end, of course Ikea. I go to them all and then mix and match. Other great stores and websites to shop at are West Elm, Structube and

High quality sofa, unique lamp, comfortable pillows, throw with sleek lacquer end table.
Planet sofa by Palazetti

PDI – the pre-delivery inspection

The first time you see your new home is exciting! Use this time to take advantage of planning your design. Bring your tape measure and remember to take pictures.  Once you have completed your inspection, ask if you can take another ten minutes for pictures and measurements. Locate where your TV and music system might go. Measure closets, windows and important walls where you may want to fit your desk, shelving or bed.Locate the electrical outlets.

I like to improve the lighting in the ceilings when I can. You may want an electrician to remove the basic ceiling lights and put your fabulous light up with dimmers or switches just to improve the quality of lighting and the mood in your suite. A capped ceiling outlet in the eating area for you to supply your own fixture is a perfect opportunity to implement your own style.

Paper sculpture lighting. Artist G, Gonzalez (left).
Modular Lighting System. Design by D, Becker (right).

After you move in

If white walls are not your style, then try painting or using wall coverings in your condo. You can also try tiled walls in the washrooms or tiles that support columns in your living area. Keep in mind that as the building ages a little, you might get some cracks here or there. It’s a good idea to review your Tarion homeowner’s warranties. One quick fix to a boring white wall is to make a gallery of your favourite black and white pictures. Or one bold piece of art that states, this is my home.

Above all, enjoy your new space! Be brave and embrace your inner style.

Mar’s daring condo. ;)

Marlene Card is a Registered Interior Designer with IDC (Interior Designers of Canada) working with fashion forward interiors since 1990, specializing in multi-family residential interiors in Toronto and surrounding areas for the past 12 years and having great success forecasting what new homeowners and investors are looking for in today’s market.