Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDIs) have started at Ironstone! Have you had yours yet?

If you have had it, then you’ve been informed that copies of the completed PDI form and CCP have been forwarded to Tarion.

Tarion is formerly known as the Ontario New Home Warranty Program and is an independent not-for-profit corporation that oversees and licenses all new home builders in Ontario. This ensures that all new home buyers receive all the benefits and protection of the builder’s warrant in accordance with the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act.

Here are some questions that you may have:

Is there a specific procedure that I should follow for reporting new warranted deficiencies that require service?

Yes. All deficiencies must be submitted in writing to the Davies Smith Developments Customer Care Department and sent to Tarion via MyHome. MyHome is Tarion’s quick and easy online service that allows homeowners to submit forms and receive reminders of upcoming due dates (along with many other helpful features).  Alternately, forms can be emailed to Following occupancy you have three opportunities to forward your written Warranty Service Request forms to the Customer Care Representative.

First Year:

This step details when the homeowner is allowed to make a warranty service request. At any time during the first 30-days after the date of possession, the homeowner must use Tarion’s 30-Day Form in which they can request the repair of any item which appeared on the PDI form as well as any new items. Any time during the last 30 days of the first year of possession, the homeowner is entitled to submit a single Year-End Form outlining any additional defects.

Second Year:

Homeowners may make a warranty service request for items under two-year warranties or under the Major Structural Defects (“MSD”) at any time and as often as required. They must submit a Second-Year Form available from Tarion.

Three to Seven Years:

To make a Major Structural Defects (MSD) warranty service request, homeowners must request and submit the Tarion MSD Form.

Does the warranty cover secondary damages that are the result of a construction defect such as a pipe leak that damages hardwood floor and/or personal belongings?

Secondary damages are not covered under the provisions of the Tarion Warranty Corporation. That is why homeowner insurance coverage is required upon interim occupancy as well as after final closing. This should cover contents, liability, upgrades, and improvements; including upgrades purchased from the builder, Davies Smith Developments. Please contact your insurance agent to arrange for this coverage prior to taking occupancy. Subsequent damages resulting from a Common Area may be covered by the Condominiums Corporation’s insurance coverage.

How is service coordinated and do I have to be home for every service call?

Entry into the homeowners’ units after taking occupancy is permitted as agreed upon by the owner. During your PDI, you have signed a consent form allowing trades/handyman to access your home in order to complete deficiencies detected on the PDI, 30 day, and year-end forms.

A notice in advance would be posted in elevators, hallways or door tag if common element work was completed and there is a reason to re enter your unit. An example of this would be the balcony repairs. Customer Care will call to re-enter your unit if an emergency repair is required and your unit was going to be affected. If not contacted successfully, an explanation will be documented on the why reason your suite was re-entered.

How do I know that the service repairs have been completed?

Deficiencies listed on your PDI will be repaired in a timely fashion and as each service person completes his/her task they will leave you a hand-written notice acknowledging what was done and/or the purpose of the visit to your suite. Once all PDI deficiencies have been completed you will be asked to sign your PDI form confirming the completion of all deficiencies.

Any questions? Feel free to leave us a comment or ask on Twitter!